Here Comes the Snow

Morning came slowly to Ouray today.  Because this tiny town is surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks, the sun is slow to shine. Had it not been for a yummy breakfast waiting in the dining room I might have slept till 10.  A storm blew through last night and the winds were ferocious.  The winds brought in the clouds, so the darkness held on.  Mid morning it began to rain.  By noon, it was snow.

We visited the Ouray County Museum.  Where we've been before, but they did a revamp and it's quite a treat....................well it is for history geeks like me.  Great way to spend a wet, soggy cold morning in Ouray. 

Wet, snowy weather and 4-wheeling don't mix well.  But today was September snow, not the "real" stuff.  So up the road to Camp Bird Mine we headed.  The mix of cold, clouds, and fall colors was, breathtaking.  Take a peek.

How incredible is this place?


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