Catching Up

Been quite sometime since I posted.  Many things contribute to the lack of posting.  None the least of which is a laptop gone bad.............failing battery, not enough RAM, and basically its just plain old.  Think I bought it about 8 years ago.  And it's been lugged all over the state on various trips. It survived being dropped and having the screen replaced.  Been trying to upgrade the operating system for about the last three months................all to no avail.

Hence.............time for a new one, that will hopefully give me another decade or so............

Meanwhile, back at Casa Rancho...........

Spring is nearly here............more about that later.

Nearly a year into the new career.  Been an interesting year.  Started over at my age,  and went back to something familiar and all new at the same time.  Not easy to start over after 50.  And certainly not easy to realize you have to prove who you are all over again.  Most days I'm exhausted.

The best thing about the new job is NOT being the Boss.  The WORST thing about the new job is not being the Boss.

I don't know how to be an employee anymore.

Perhaps in year two I will figure out how, no be.

There's been a lot of changes all around me as well.  I live in the land of large houses.  But this little neighborhood is considered to be "starter homes".  Hence we have a high number of rentals, and people moving in and out all the time.  After 11 years here, there's only one neighbor in this corner of the circle that is an original owner.

 But fortunately one of the new neighbors has become an treasured friend.  When TexasChick and I met we hit it off immediately.  She seems like a long lost friend.  When she faced some health challenges in the last month everyone held their breath.  After a month wait for a proceedure, then a biopsy......we got the "all clear" which called for a celebration. Great excuse to set a table and bake a cake!


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