After The Long Weekend

The long weekend was long.  And much needed. And ended in the best way possible. (More later).

2015 has unexpectedly been a tumultuous year, and the year in review post is on it’s way.  But for now,  Thanksgiving 2015 is in the rear view mirror.  And it was a great one.  I took Wednesday off, which added to the length of the weekend.  And when I headed to the grocery store yesterday, I realized I hadn’t left Casa Rancho since I got home Tuesday night.

I like being home. 

I guess we did walk down the street on Thanksgiving night to the neighbor’s house.  Tucker likes to be around fellow furry friends and do all the things those of the canine persuasion like to do.  He got his fill and we lifted a glass in thanks for family and friends that feel like family.

I was thankful that Dad and Mom were able to make it through snowy slick streets to share a meal.  One that Lil’ Bro declared was the best Thanksgiving meal ever.  That was all the reward I needed for the work.  There is something nearly sacred to me about Thanksgiving meal preparation.  I waited through many years of apartment dwelling as an adult , until I was a home owner.  Once able to host I really look forward to all of it.  From shopping to brining to cooking and best of all, the table setting. 

Such joy.  Really.

Now with Thanksgiving packed up, the long weekend also made time for all the Christmas decorating.  Which is done except for the tree…………

It’s been a good year. 

Oh, and the ending of the weekend???

Doesn't get much better than this...........................


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