Another New Beginning

The loss of a pet is harrowing.  Most people, even if they don’t have one understand that the loss is a serious matter to those affected.  From fellow pet owners there is a high degree of sympathy that gets lavished on you and that has been a blessing.
As regular readers know, I lost my dear Bessy on April 2nd.  Still can’t yet talk about that night, but with the passing of two months, I can talk about her now, without the tears coming on.

I still miss her.

Some folks caution you not to move too fast and take on another dog.  Others tell you to get a new companion right away.  I suppose there is merit in both approaches.  With all the upheaval in my life this year, I came down somewhere in the middle.

So WorldWideWeb………………meet Tucker.

There was a trip to the Buddy Center in Castle Rock that didn’t end with a match.  A Sunday trip to the Denver Dumb Friends league ended up lasting several hours.  And I find going there nearly unbearable.  Because it’s so full of doggies.  And they all stare at you through the glass walls as you walk by…………and it breaks your heart.  At least it does mine.  There was a lovely volunteer coordinator that kept trying to find a match.  Even among dogs that were not ready to be adopted that day.  So we kept walking back and forth.  Past sad eyes, each one pleading………………

And this one little man………….would stop pacing and sit down.  After the 4th or 5th pass by, I asked, almost in passing “can I see him?”

He had Bessy eyes.

After a long wait while he “visited” someone else who decided to think about it, I sat on the floor in the tiny room.  He took a treat, nicely, after I told him to sit.  But he was full of energy to get out of that small space.  So was I.  An outside visit fared better.  He ran and jumped and sniffed and loved catching ball.

Terribly tough decision, one that I almost couldn’t make.  Was I ready?  Ready to try again??

Obviously the answer is yes.

Three weeks and counting.  A few bumps along the way.  A bit of separation anxiety.  He’s too thin and needs to get his digestion regular.  We saw the Vet this week.  But he does well around kids and others when they come to our house. Seems distrustful of men when he’s on his leash, but not when he’s off.  He gets on well with at least 4 other neighborhood dogs that he’s been with. 

He's a wee little man compared to Bess, about 1/3 her size.  But he likes all the same places to hang out.


He jumps and barks and chews and all the other things dogs do.  Unlike Bess who was so quiet and calm.  But none of that behavior is really problematic.  Just normal dog stuff.  And then he collapses.

I might love him.

If I could just stop calling him Bess.


Karen said…
I stumbled here by accident somehow through the blogosphere. I enjoy your posts and will probably check in from time to time, if I may.

Congratulations on the new dog. Tucker looks like a sweetie.

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