The Adventure Begins

Today was the day.  Today was the day that it all suddenly felt new.  New and exciting.

It comes on you in a moment.  I was standing at a counter ordering a coffee.  Then I realized that the many years of dreading going to work,  dreading what the day would hold……………have all been replaced with excitement and anticipation. I had butterflies in my stomach like a kid. Looking forward to spending time doing things I love and working WITH people I like.  People who value me, care about me, WANT my opinion.

What a concept.  Working for something other than a paycheck.  The paycheck I was getting was big enough that it became the sole purpose.  The sole end game.  There was no creativity or adventure.  Just endurance, and drudgery.

So yes, I started a new job last Thursday.  The first few days felt awkward and unsettled.  New commute, new surroundings, being introduced everywhere as the new person.  Even though I’ve know some of these folks for years……………..still the new kid.

But today was the day it felt natural.  Like I can make a difference, make an impact.  Being part of a team is a new feeling as well.  My last job cast me in the role of the Lone Crusader.  The lone person standing for truth, justice and the American Way.  And being foiled at every turn.

I’m not starry eyed enough to think that there won’t be challenges and trials.  But I am free of  a future that I couldn’t bear the thought of living through.  A job I hung on to, far too long.

So I snapped a picture out the office window.  It faces west and I can see the spectacular Colorado mountains every day I'm there.  Not bad.......


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