Why yes, I will have a pot of tea while I watch Downton Abbey.

I tape it on Sunday night, and watch it on Monday.  Gives me something to look forward to at the beginning of a work week.

The teapot I got years ago from my Aunt Alice, it's vintage Harlequin in Rose. Harlequin was made by Homer Laughlin and sold in Woolworth's stores as a less expensive alternative to Fiesta ware.  I collect both, but most of my vintage pieces are Harlequin.  I love the lines on this teapot.  My mom bought me two of these lovely rose patterned cups for Christmas, and the plates I've had for years, but don't remember where they came from.

Earlier this year, I found myself the owner of the most amazing silver tea service, but that's a story for another day.  And it's a bit heavy to lug upstairs to my loft when I settle in on Monday night to hang out with the Granthams.

And speaking of the Granthams...............

What an episode.............Edith running off, Bates coming clean with Anna, and Carson making a proposal...........of sorts.

The Dowager Countess has a past............

And it seems these two are still in love, after all this time.  At least the Prince is clearly still smitten.  Violet is, well, being Violet. What a season so far.


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