Friday, February 20, 2015

My Girl

My Bessy was a stray, so not much is known about her past.  Only know that just about everyone who has ever been around her thinks she's the sweetest dog ever.  I agree.

Off and on in the last year, she'd seem to limp a bit, but usually only for a few hours, then she'd be back to herself again.  

This past weekend, the limping stayed for a few days, and I decided I would take her to the Vet on Wednesday.  In the middle of the night Tuesday, she started yelping and the sound just broke my heart.  Our furry friends can't tell us what's wrong, only that it hurts.  Started calling the Vet early Wednesday morning, and got an early appointment.  She was decidedly favoring her back left leg, but she ate her breakfast normally.  She went out back afterwords, but I couldn't get her to come back inside the house.   There are three steps from the patio to the house. Tried coaxing her and tempting her with a treat, to no avail.  She wouldn't even come in for some cheese.  

She's just too big for me to pick up, so I called a neighbor, and he came, picked her up and got her in the house.

Fast forward, after a Vet visit, there's some surprising news about our girl.  Sometime before we ever got her, she had both hips operated on.  She must have had severe hip dysplasia, as is common in some breeds. It's really a wonder that she's got on as well as she has.  She's got a sore knee, but no break, no ligament damage.  However the x-rays showed a spot on her knee, that her Vet wants to look at again in another 4 weeks.  For now she's on a pain med and an anti-inflammatory.  

Took her to work with me yesterday, where she was fawned on, petted and loved by all my coworkers, most of whom have dogs.  She even got to be around a few of their dogs too, reminding her to take it easy and slow.  She does love going to work.  You can tell she's favoring her back left leg, but getting around okay.

Well, time will tell how she's doing, and they'll look at that spot on her knee next month.

She's a blessing and a comfort to me all the time.  I just want to be that for her.

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