Finally! A Celebrity Cameo

Been a while since a celebrity showed up for a cameo in my dreams.  I'm constantly trying a combination of various herbal blends and supplements to fight the nasty insomnia monster.  Alas, as soon as I find the right combination, it works for a few weeks, or months if I'm lucky, then begins to fail.

I digress.

Steve Martin.  That's who stopped by, and not just for a cameo.  He was very involved in the plot which I believe had something to do with a convention I was attending.  Turns out he's a very nice, kind man.  Not as zany in person as you would imagine.  Just can't seem to remember any recent encounters with him in my awake life.  Haven't seen a movie or show with him anytime recently.  Apparently the little man in charge of filing in my brain is doing some Spring Cleaning and found the Steve Martin file on the floor behind a box..........

Oh sure Bill Clinton shows up regularly, but he's always in the press.  I don't really think of him as a celebrity anymore, he's always around.  But Steve Martin............not so much.


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