Outside Water

Each of our furry friends have a unique personality, and I guess unless you're the owner of one of these magnificent creatures, you wouldn't know that.  And I do believe they are magnificent creatures.   I was thinking about that this morning before heading to the salt mine. 

Because my girl, Bessy will lay perfectly still and stare at me, for as long as I can think of things to say to her.  It's as if she's hanging on every word I say............transfixed.  And it matters not what I say, only that the tone is right.  Yes, I know, we project human emotions onto an animal.  You bet I do.  But when she looks at me like this........................
What is she thinking?
So one of Bessy's little quirks is her penchant for Outside Water.  She has a full bowl of water inside next to her food dish.  We keep it clean and full so she's never without.  But open up the back door  and her first stop is nearly always the banged up, plastic bowl with dirty, dusty, bug laced, Outside Water.  She doesn't care if there's spent geranium flowers in it, or a few gnats, or even bits of mulch from the flower beds.  She wants her Outside Water.  I've watched her as she leaves my bedroom, trots down the hall, down the stairs, across the family room, where I hear her nails clicking as she crosses the floor, hear that creaky screen door open and shut.  Then.......................lap, lap, lap.  Yum.  Outside Water.Then she comes back in and finds me. 
If you go outside and the plastic bowl is empty, she looks at it, at you, and sits.  I can haz Outside Water?  I believe she's been caught drinking water out of the folds of the BBQ grill cover after a rainstorm.
Maybe her days as a stray gave her a taste for dirty water she found where she could.  Maybe there's trace minerals she wants.  Maybe she fondly remembers her life "on the lam", though I doubt it.  Who knows? 
Just don't forget her Outside Water.


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