Thursday, May 02, 2013

April = Ditto

Knew I hadn't blogged much, but didn't realize quite how long.  But April was just more March. (Weather wise at least). 

Here we are in May, and all the plants and trees and shrubs are doing their darnest to bloom, but then it snows. And freezes.  I know this isn't just happening here in Colorado but it sure feels like we're being picked on.


It's all perspective.  As I mentioned to several people yesterday.................

I stood at the kitchen sink.  Pouring the first cup of coffee of the morning.  Looking out the dining room picture window.  The snow was softly falling.  Those big fluffy flakes.  My birdhouse and bird feeder were getting blanketed in white.  It was beautiful.  And I was angry.  Because it was May 1st, not October.  The same scene six months earlier would have made me joyful.


As this snowfall melts, it brings much needed moisture to a dry landscape. 


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