First REAL Sign of Spring

I saw a robin this morning.   Sitting on a tree as I left my neighborhood.  I would have tried for a picture, but there were cars behind me, everyone heading out of the burbs to work. He seemed unusually bright in color.

After a weekend with snow and blowing snow, (though not nearly the storm forecast) it was a fine way to start a Monday, a week.  As much as I enjoy the changing seasons, and appreciate each one for it's unique "texture", Spring has grown on me.

In recent years Spring has taken on new meaning.  Yes, for all the cliche "new beginnings" reasons.  But also a sense of rebirth, regrowth, awakening.  Something like that.

Soon there will be walks in the park at lunch, the sun warming up the not quite summer air. Listening for songs of the finches and the robins as they strut around, vying for a females attention.  Brown and negative, replaced with green and postive.

There are more storms to come, no doubt.  But the first Robin of spring on a Monday morning in March is not a bad way to start the season.


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