Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Dave Brubeck - From the Soundtrack of My Life

Certain music transports me to long ago moments in time.  When I hear the music of Dave Brubeck, I can see Dad sliding the album out of the cover, oh so carefully, and putting it on the turntable.  I can see the needle come down  with that distinctive crackle and the house filled with jazz.

The floors are hardwood, oddly patterned curtains at the windows, that distinctive decor of the early sixties.  Somehow, though just a toddler really, I knew the saxophone was a special instrument, and when combined with the piano, slapping bass and the "shush" of the drums, well,  JAZZ happened.

I'd look at the odd "modern" artwork of the album cover, liking all the purple and when just a bit older, read the liner notes.

Just the other day, as I put together Thanksgiving dinner, I picked this album off the Ipod and played it while I cooked.
Dave Brubeck.  A life well lived to age 91.  RIP.

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