After The Storm

Back in June, which seems like a lifetime ago...............we had a huge hailstorm.  Worse one this Colorado native has ever been through.  Lasted a long time, and when it was done, the tiny garden was stripped bare (almost) and the paint was ruined, and as we came to find out, the roof was in need of replacement was well.  So everyone in the neighborhood and the area was in the same boat.  File a claim, hire some contractors and move forward.  Suddenly the neighborhood became a construction zone again.  But as the paint goes on, everything looks new again.  Funny how we didn't realize how faded all the colors had become.  Painting was going to be needed anyway soon.  So for the price of a deductable, we all have brand new "30 Year" roofs and new shiny paint.

Here's the results.............................



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