The Summer of 2012

How bout we move straight forward to fall?

A few of my out of town readers have wondered, and let me know that they are wondering, how we're doing here At Altitude.

Well, it's been..........difficult at times.  Up and down, but as I've said before, everything is a matter of perspective.

Colorado has had a rough summer.  Hail storms, followed by wild fires, drought, record setting heat.  The non man-made variety.

But then the trauma and devastation of a mad man who murdered my fellow Coloradoans.  Man made mayhem.  (And by the way, I hate it when everyone refers to it as the "Colorado Theater Shootings".  I used to use that word, "shooting".  But no.  Murder, it was murder.)

We've had it all this summer.  And that sense of mayhem is all too familiar. 

So what is my perspective on all of this?  My perspective changes all the time.  But I can see the bright things.  We must.  We can't let the darkness win.

Houses will be painted, roofs replaced.  Plants will grow back.  Some will build an entirely new home where their old home lies in ashes.

People, however, cannot be replaced and there are people who lost someone they will never have back.  Others will be traumatized for a long time to come, at the sights and sounds they experienced and had burned into their mind.  I know.  I remember.  And it never leaves you.  Never.  Sure, it gets easier, but "time heals all wounds" is a lie.

We will move forward. 

And those of us with just a damaged house, should remember the heavy toll others in our state have paid, and be glad for our fortune.


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