Garden Update

Such a weird weather year here At Altitude.  But my garden is so far ahead of what it usually is in early May.  Weather is just a part, the other are some garden "supplements" I've tried.  Bought some Root Blast last year and I think it's made a big difference.

Haven't tried the tomato version yet, but will probably give it a try.  This stuff can only be purchased online but it's fairly reasonable.

Then I got a tip about using fish fertilizer.  Found some at Home Depot and gave it a try. 

It's brown and sludgy like mud and smells, not really like fish, but more like the way an aquarium smells.   But the smell fades in a few hours.  Does it work?  My peonies, taken 3 weeks ago.

Two weeks later. 

Started my herb garden in a pot.............

Several other new projects being worked on, and more fish fertilizer success stories.


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