A while back, my lil' bro sent me a link to a Rich Mullins video.  In recent times, I find myself avoiding Rich Mullins music.

It's too deep.  It's too "rich".  He was a poet. He was a Psalmist.

Like other days, I'll never forget the day I learned of Rich's death. 

I was on vacation, on a house boat in the middle of nowhere.  At the marina buying ice, I used a pay phone and I called and spoke to my parents, who said nothing. (Though they knew).  After that, I called my answering machine to play back the messages and heard of Rich's "passing".  Then I called my parents back in tears.  They knew I had worked with him, and loved his music.

The blood left my head, and the air from my lungs.

But Rich Mullins left a legacy of music that stirs...........that soothes, that can even, if you let it, heal.

I've often described Rich's music as "tears in my ears" music.  That phrase comes from the sensation of laying on the floor, listening to his music, as the tears run into your ears.

The lyrics in this song are breathtaking....................The River.  I agree with my brother. You love and hate to listen.

Play the video.  No distraction...............and here are some highlights.

"a man can drive as hard as he can drive, and never get as far as his heart was meant to go"

"oh I could play these songs till I was dead, and never approach the sound that I once heard"

"but I've failed so many times, but you have never let me fall down alone"

"let the road wind tie our hair in knots, let the speed and freedom untangle the lies"

"we could be closer than we know"

This, along with much of his music is................exquisite.  Hit the play, follow the lyrics


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