Today was the day.

First workday with the time change, and a week full of warm temps forecast. 

The top went down, the tunes were cranked.  I drove the new ride home with the top down.


Yes, I know.  For those who've been around here long enough to know the "old ride", this one is eerily similar.  But trust me, this is MUCH more car than my 06 Sebring.   

It was nice of Sirius radio to play "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison as I left the office.  Perfect.

I had lunch with an old friend last week, who on seeing my new car, asked what her name was.  Never been one to name my cars, although I've had plenty of friends who do............A friend in high school had a light blue Pinto station wagon named Helga.  One of my coworkers has a Chevy Cobalt named Snobalt.  Do you name your cars?  In high school, I drove my mom's car............the Spyder. It was a Chevy Monza.  Ours didn't have an actual spider on the hood, although you could get one that way.

So I'm torn.  I love my new car so much I think "she" should have a name...........but I think I'll have to get to know her better before she tells me her name.

Meanwhile, here at the ranch, my laptop is fixed.  The garage door is fixed.  (Yes that broke too.)  And a few things are turning green outside.  Sure............there is a good chance that March will still find us buried in snow.  But for this week...........



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