Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a Dusting

I swear when I went to bed last night they (the weather people) said just a dusting of snow, or maybe an inch or two overnight.

About 3am, the wind was so loud it woke me, and scared Bessy too.  She's not a fan of wind, or thunder.  So she came in and jumped on the bed.  I looked out the window and there was lots of wind, but nothing else. 

Couldn't get back to sleep.  Always a bad thing to be woken up and then my brain turns thing you know I'm wide awake, a million thoughts running through my head..............

By 3:30 the snow started and it was icy and coming down sideways, slamming into the north windows of the bedroom, sounded like someone was throwing sand at the house.  Not conducive to sleep, so my brain keeps churning.  It's a wonder  I fell asleep again, but I did.

Fast forward, 5 am.  The Husband is up and ready to get on the road.   Hard to see in the dark,
just what was going on..........

By sunrise, finally got a good look at the "one to two inches".

It looked beautiful.  My sweet Colorado dog, thinks so too....................
see that wagging tail?  One of these days I'll catch her on video "bounding" through the snow like an antelope.

I love me some Colorado snow, and this February has been one of the snowiest on record. 

The Husband said he's moving to Florida.

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