My Favorite Things -The Tale of the Clock

As promised, a series of posts about of few things I own that I really love and appreciate.  It goes without saying that the most important things in life aren't possessions.  But we all own things, and to find things that we love, that we appreciate, things that bring us joy, is nice...........

Some years ago, I stayed at my Aunt Alice's house, to help her get a Thanksgiving meal ready. On her mantel was an old clock.  I fell for the sound of the ticking, and the chime on the hour.  There was something about the sound that I found so soothing and comforting.  So I decided someday I would find myself a ticking, chiming clock.

Enter Rocky Mountain Clocks on South Broadway in Denver.  A wonderland of clocks.  When I started my current job, I took my first check and picked out a clock for them to refurbish.  It was the best one I could afford at the time and I had it for 5 years.  One of the amazing things about Rocky Mountain Clocks, is that a few years ago, they took it back on trade, gave me credit for it, and let me upgrade to this beauty.

Close Up.

No picture I take can do it justice.  I love this clock.  It has an eight day movement, and the ritual of winding it once a week is part of the pleasure of owning it.  After getting it home, I discovered, with great joy, a label inside the clock.  A label (hard to get a good picture of) from the person who sold the clock.

Hans Gudio, Jeweler and Optician.  Larimer Street, Denver Colorado.

I love my clock.

Someday, I'll wander into Rocky Mountain Clocks and drop a grand on a Grandfather clock.


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