Chili Madness at Casa Rancho

Where At Altitude briefly becomes a food blog.

So each year in the fall, we search out a place to  get some peppers roasted.  Nothing beats the smell of a freshly roasted pepper.  This year I found a stand near my office and their produce looked good so I picked them up Friday.  For weeks to come, my car will have the distinct smell of roasted peppers.  Not a bad smell.

This year I got a bushel of mild hatch, and a bushel of poblanos.  I wanted to do some rellenos with the poblanos and they lend themselves to stuffing with more than just cheese.

The husband and I stood in the kitchen, listening to Boston and Steve Miller.  Peeling, then bagging.  I bag them in freezer bags, six to a bag...........and we have peppers for a long time to come.

I think these bushels were not as big as we've had in the past..........but we ended up with 14 bags of each kind of pepper.

We saved out some good ones, and the husband made his green chili.

And  stuffed some poblanos with two kinds of cheese.

Following a quick bath in egg.........into the frying pan and smother in the green chili.

Now the peppers can be used to make a casserole.

And go great with my Mexican rice and beans..............

Mexican Grub.  That's what some friends call it.  And I take special requests..........


Gradual Dazzle said…
We'll be over for dinner tomorrow night. YUM!!

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