Seize The Day

For the last three days, I've been listening to the same album over and over.  I do that.  I pull out an album I've not listened to for a while, then remember how much I like it, and listen to it multiple times.  If the music is spiritual in nature (which most music is) when I listen repetitively, it's like it gets into my ears and then down into my spirit.  The album is by an artist, Carolyn Arends, a wonderful singer and songwriter I met a long time ago in Nashville.

And then this morning I got a message to call my Dad.  And he gave me the terrible and shocking news that a cousin of mine, Jeff, was out on a run last night, and suddenly died of a heart attack.  I think everyone in our extended family would agree that Jeff was the healthiest and most fit of anyone in the family.  It was just stunning news.  Jeff is the oldest son of my mother's oldest sister.  And he's younger than me by about three years. 

None of us is guaranteed tomorrow.

When I got in the car to come home tonight, that Carolyn Arends CD was in the deck and started playing.  And in a moment, this song took on so much deeper significance. 


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