How To Tell Fall is Coming

There are signs all around that summer is coming to an end, and the best season of the four is ready to begin..........

You open your inbox and what do you find?

And you open your mailbox and get your first catalogue.

Oh, and it's not just a marketing thing that's happening.  The birds are starting their migration.  Huge flocks of them are showing up on the hill behind my house.  They fly off as a group, and sometimes land on the neighbors roof.  I think this is a group of Northern Flickers, but they stayed only a few minutes, and the lighting wasn't good enough to get a great look or a shot.

The other way I know fall is coming is because I'm ready.  Happens every August.  Done with the heat, bring on the cool.  I feel an Earth Wind and Fire song coming, not just yet.


Lincoln said…
Yep, that's why I ultimately planned a trip to the Rockies in the fall instead of doing it during my birthday week. Good thing too, seems even Colorado couldn't escape the heat this summer. :-D

BTW, do you know of a safe place I can go away from the city area for some night sky viewing? Must... see... stars...

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