Wild Kingdom - In My Tiny Garden

I like to walk along the retaining wall in My Tiny Garden and look at each plant, see how much it's grown or if there's new blooms.  I do this just about every night when I get home, after dinner and it's part of me transitioning from workday to home.  I bought some Root Blaster this year, to see if it would help things along and so far it seems like it's really given my perennials a boost.  So last night I'm checking out the Virginia creeper I planted a few years ago and I lifted up the leaves to check out the hostas that are growing at the base.  It looked like there were some dried leaves under there..........I started to reach my hand in................and something moved.

I couldn't believe my eyes............so I took a few more shots.

It was amazing how much this moth really looks like dried, curled up leaves.  With a little Internet research, its a Paonias excaectus, or the Blinded Sphinx Moth.  I guess they are not that uncommon, but I've certainly never seen one..............I hope it laid some eggs.  Being the nature geek that I am, I did what all geeks do...............I poked it with a stick and it started to flutter, showing it's full colors when I did.

As it fluttered, it landed on The Husband's shoe before he picked it up and put it back on the wall garden.

Pretty cool, huh?


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