A Sunday Afternoon

Finally a quiet day.  After a hectic and busy run of days.  Book clubs and BBQ's.  Smores and baking cakes.  Babysitting the neighbor hood, and yes, this weekend it felt like babysitting the WHOLE neighborhood.  But it's a blessing to live in a great neighborhood, with great friends and lots of kids to fill the house with fun and laughter.  Had the newest members of the Circle Posse, twin 3 year olds all day on Saturday..........and somehow, okay, my doing, we took the rest of the Posse to Daniels Park.  Two cars and lots of car seat shuffling and the boys fighting over who rode in the convertible.  But the buffalo were out, and posed for a picture.  Not everyone has a herd of buffalo as neighbors.

Then I actually got all of the Posse to stand (relatively) still for a few photos.

It felt like my old days as a substitute day care teacher.

The sun was out this morning and it really felt like summer, though we've got a few weeks to go, and I couldn't resist treating myself to some sunflowers at the grocery store, because sunflowers scream summer.

Today has been quieter,  Michael Buble on the outside speakers.  Lots of quiet time to think and relax.

Great Day.


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