My Tiny Garden Tour

Here's a post specifically for my Dad because I know he'll appreciate the progress in my garden, in a spring that has warmed up slowly..........making us all wait for things we love about spring.

My peonies took a pounding under the last snowfall, but they've come in twice as big as last year.

And I think in a few weeks, we'll have some blooms.

My Dianthus decided to bloom, just today, when I checked last night they weren't open yet.

I found a beautiful deep red geranium to put in the pot next to my herb garden.

And last but not least, my columbines have had a rough spring.  Two varieties didn't show back up at all, and the ones that have come in are much smaller than usual.  I think this is my bad, it was an incredibly dry winter, and I should have got some water out there a few more times.  But they are still an amazing flower, in all their varieties.  And here's a good one.

So the long wait for summer appears to be at an end.  It was over 90 downtown today, and up here at altitude my temp gauge on my car said 87.  I guess we're there.


Gradual Dazzle said…
LOVE!! :)

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