Spring Weekend Accomplished

Big weekend at Casa Rancho.  Enjoying the first real warm temperatures of the year.  So we got the patio sealed.

Using some slave labor..........................T & D did the sides.  Good job guys.

Next weekend we'll get some plantings in all the pots and on the wall garden, we are all set for Summer 2011.

Today we headed up to Daniels Park for a late morning brunch.  Several of our neighborhood friends joined us, along with the Circle Posse, who love to ham it up and pose for pictures.  We were missing one of the regular crew, and our only little girl in the Posse didn't want to get up there will all the boys.

Once we got back home and as long as the gang was around, we put them to work.  Kids seem to find washing cars highly amusing.  Why would we deny them the pleasure?  They got my car, The Husband's jeep, and two others. 

So we made lots of progress getting things done, but it was also a great weekend, enjoying the sun and warm temps.

Hope all the moms out there had a great day.  You are loved and valued!!!


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