Tunesday - Memories

The very first concert I ever went to, outside of church things, was when my Dad took me to see the 5th Dimension at the Denver Auditorium Theater.  I think this was the roots of my love for live music.  We had been listening to the 5th Dimension's tight vocals and harmony at home.  They were "groovy", and I loved it. The excitement of seeing them live was amazing.  What a night.  A few of their songs have been playing in my head in recent often happens, songs get stuck on replay.  So in an effort to share with my readers the soundtrack of the radio station that plays in my head (KDON)'s a good one.  Marilyn's smooth as silk voice.

And since we're remembering  those's one just for you, Dad.


Proud Dad said…
Thanks for the memories. Another Daughter and Dad date.

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