Torn Distal Bicep Post Op Day 42

Update on The Husband's arm.  He's been in physical therapy since last week, twice a week, he goes back tomorrow night.  Not easy to coordinate the appointments with his graveyard shift..........but this too shall pass.  He's seen significant improvement with his range of motion, even in just a few appointments.

The therapist wanted him to wear a compression sleeve, to help with fluid build up. She gave him a lovely flesh colored one...........but then he showed up with this..............

So now I'm referring to him as Allen Iverson...........which is funny since he disdains all things NBA.

One of the main issues with this type of injury, surgery and rehab is your ability to supinate your palm he's working with a small weight each day.  Here' what he can do with the good hand.

But the injured arm will only go this far

So we've got a ways to go...........but he tells me he started working with his firearm at work last night, he's got range qualification coming up...........he's got to be 100% before he can hit the mean streets again.


Gradual Dazzle said…
Our little Miss Alice has to work regularly to keep up the ability to supinate her left hand as well... I'm glad to see he's doing well, and hopefully he'll be hitting the targets with precision again VERY soon. :)

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