So Close And Yet So Far Away

Yes, spring time in the Rockies is a study in delayed gratification.  It's warm, but not so much.  We're a month off in the old adage of March winds, April showers, May flowers.  Around here, its March snow, April winds, and May is a toss up.  But today it was almost warm enough to ride home with the top down on the convertible. 

So I did it anyway.  If you turn on the seat warmers and set the heat to warm, it works.  With satellite channel 14 (Classic Vinyl) on the dial, I drove home to The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull, Eagles, and all the good stuff on vinyl.  You know you've found your perfect radio station when you at one point realize you owned every record they have played.  Hair flowing in the breeze, tunes cranked up, not caring one wit what anyone around you thinks................

Once home, everyone in the neighborhood was outside, soaking in the end of day sun.  Kids, hitting plastic golf balls with plastic golf clubs, rolling toy cars down our driveway.  "Take Out Friday" followed, a great end to the week.  My house was full of little ones, giving me the love only they can give.

Soon will come the warm summer nights, sitting outside, each season has it treasures.

I live in an amazing state..............I am blessed by that fact.


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