Dancing With the Stars Delayed Reaction

There will be delayed reactions to this season's episodes of Dancing With the Stars.  Because of The Husband's schedule, there is DVRing and delayed watching.  Yes, he still watches this show with me.

My two sentence reaction:

Ralph Macchio was the delightful surprise of the night.

You go Kirstie...............we're pulling for you!!


the dame said…
I never watch TV (I mean I DO - but it's all rented DVDs) so I don't see Dancing with the stars - but I LOVE that image of Kirstie Alley. She's all sassy and bopping her hip out and standing next to her - as if presenting her - is this Naked-Chest-Hot-Dancing-Guy and I just kind of want to find her and high five her right now.

I've always loved her. But this is particularly awesome.
The Chick Voice said…
She is SIXTY, dame. Maksim is the hot and bad boy of the show..........and I think he's 31! They have great chemistry. She is holding her own and it makes me VERY happy.

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