Friday, February 04, 2011

Weekend Tunes

Music is a big part of my life.  As mentioned before here.............this is due to the saturation of music experienced by me as a child, because my parents loved it, and my childhood is filled with music. Not all people experience this. The Husband tells me he has no recollection of his family listening to music........ ever.

I see music as a tool. Not just a past time or hobby. I use music to alter my reality.

Tired? There's music to wake you up. Restless? There's music to sooth you. Stressed?  There's music to calm your nerves.  Need to let go and have fun?  There's music to celebrate.

Though I'm addicted to talk radio, I have determined to listen to more music, less chatter.

So in celebration of Friday, I cranked the satellite radio on the way to the office today, cause it's Friday, after all.  No talk radio, no news, just tunes.  On channel 3...................the LOVE CHANNEL.............comes this song.  Heard it hundreds of times.............suddenly is musical perfection.  YES, it is a song about adultery. Ignore the lyrics if you can.   But the arrangement, the vocals, each perfectly timed, each flows into a hooky song that is apparently a grammy winning song.  Incredible song.

Then I popped over to channel 7, the 70's channel.........and lost my mind. Cranked it, pounded the steering to the rythymn......and found myself happy by the time I got to work. You can't listen to this song at low volume.....and Dad, I think you called this acid rock and you won't like it. Just an example how music can make your day.

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