Bumps in the Road

Been a wild and woolly week At Altitude.

When things get hectic at work or at home, I tend to retreat and stop posting, when in fact, the opposite would probably be therapeutic.

Started a week ago Sunday, when it was just a picture perfect day in Colorado.  The Husband and I had planned on taking in a movie and dinner to celebrate Valentine's Day.  But once we went out front of the house the sun was just SO warm and inviting, all plans fell by the wayside.  That sun warmed us up, and we stayed outside, soaking it in.  Bessy loves it too.............she's been suffering from a little cabin fever, so she found a comfy spot and settled in.
The county plows our streets (why would we complain?) but that leaves a huge ridge of snow at the end of the driveway that has to be shoveled to get in and out.  In an attempt to spread it out and get some melting, we shoveled.  Unfortunately, in one of those quick movements with the shovel, The Husband heard a pop in his elbow and I saw him grimace.

Eight days later, two doctors appointments, an MRI, and a week missed from work................we still don't know for sure.........but he may have a partial tear of his bicep at the elbow.  It's currently a pleasant shade of yellow.  Doesn't hurt much he tells me, but he has little flex strength in that left arm.  Not so good for doing his law enforcement type job.  So we wait.  Thursday morning he'll see a surgeon and we'll know where we go from here.



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