2011 Grammys

Each year we watch the Grammys.....okay, I....watch the Grammys and it could be amazing, inspiring, horrendous, appalling depressing or entertaining. Or all of the above.

So from our loft............Grammy Reviews.

Tribute to Aretha Franklin.

B plus.

Not a fan of Christine. But Jennifer Hudson rocked it and Yolanda is just.......... Yolanda. Amazing.

Lady Gaga?  Too soon to say.  Madonna?  culture effecting vibe?  maybe not so much.

Muse...........too "late 80's"  for me.  The Dark Decade.  Cool video effects.......but would I sit around listening to this????????????? Not a chance.

Pretend Black and White footage...............average music.  What are we doing here?  I'm lost.  Completely Lost.    Apparently this is the portion of the show when I feel downright old and culturally irrelevant.  This music doesn't speak to me on any level. I still don't even know who these people are.  Moving on.

Usher/Bieber................cool pop tunes?  Memorable?  Hardly.

Followed  by randomness that was extremely random.


What shall we say?  Age has not improved his voice.  But he is Bob Dylan.  Guitar players backing him?  Amazing.

Lady Antebellum.  Some great lyrics.  But the music is just more of the same.  Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Muppet R&B?  Add some Gwyneth.  Bizarre.  Can I haz some real music?  Pweeeeze??

Katy?  I think someday she may be an incredible artist.  Not yet.  If maybe she could stop rebelling against her roots for the sake of rebellion.  Teenage dreams are all good...........however.

Keith Urban and Company.........playing real music with real instruments honoring Dolly. 

Song of the Year goes to real singers, singing with real instruments, to heartfelt lyrics. Lady Antebellum.

 Hopeful somehow.

Eminem.  I get it.  Still not what I would listen to,  but I get it.


How can a Brit do quintessential R&B like that?  Saw him in May of 1978, Folsom Field.  "Some Girls" Tour.  We thought we died and went to Rock and Roll Heaven.

Kris.  We're talking Kris.  Kris Kristofferson. I've seen him twice in person.  Tonight he was introducing Babs.  Barbra Streisand doesn't do this.  But she did.  Did she sound nervous?  Yes she did.  She is still Barbra.  From childhood I listened to her, and soon learned to appreciate the matchless talent she possesses.

Record of the Year  ........  COUNTRY WINS.  Lady Antebellum.

Over all, lackluster year for music.

Saw nothing tonight that would cause me to make any music purchases.


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