Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here We Go

I've put it off for days now...........must decide and mail.

With no enthusiasm whatsoever............

Friday, July 23, 2010

Woodland Dog

Our Bessy is a Colorado dog. We could tell by how much she loves the snow. She leaps and bounds around whenever it snows. The deeper the snow the better.

Now in the heat of July, she's found her own private hiding place. Back in the corner, behind the aspen trees, down in the cool mulch.

Sometimes, we can't figure out where she is at all because she blends in so well. She stays quiet and still..............and peeks out at us.

I need a place just like this for myself.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Discouraged Republican

Yes......I'm a discouraged Republican.

This is not a new sensation for's just particularly bad right now.

Where have all the Ronald Reagans gone?

When, really, was the last time a Republican made me jump to my feet?

The situation is particularly bad here in Colorado. We Republicans were recently run out of town, out of the state. For nearly 4 years now, there was nary a Republican to be found. Things were looking up for us, however, come this fall. Chances to gain the governor's office......maybe a senate seat.

Then we collapsed from within.

For the sake of out of town readers, and since there are other bloggers out there doing it better anyway....I won't go into the details.

We've turned on each other..........the primary battle has turned nasty and riddled with scandals. Apparently the candidates have decided to give the Dems all the fuel they need to run against us in the fall. Not that anyone in the races got me fired up to begin with. I attended a debate amongst the senate candidates near my house...........

The only person whose answers I liked is no longer in the race.

Jane Norton vs Ken Buck?
Scott McInnis vs Dan Maes?

Could we have some choices we actually like, please.............?????

Somewhere, out there is a young, sharp, Republican....(maybe a woman?)who can sound like something other than a used car salesman, or a high school debate team president with a rehearsed speech.

I have a feeling my mail-in ballot is sitting in my mailbox and I hate to say it, but I don't have the slightest idea who I'm going to vote for.

And I swear if I hear another Jane Norton commercial telling me Ken Buck isn't "man enough".................ARRRRRG.

What is a Reagan Republican to do in Colorado?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

North Platte Canteen

With a Hat/Tip to ScooterGirl in Texas, get out your hankie and take 7 minutes of your day to watch this amazing video. I have never heard about this, but it makes me proud to think of the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Matt Dusk - Another Great LastFM Find

Yet another LastFM find.

Singing a Bono song no less..........

Think Sinatra, born in old does THAT make you feel?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mondays Are Happy Again

Makes Mondays not so tough. Great to spend Monday night with Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson and her big box of candy............

Sunday, July 11, 2010

TV, Movies and Pop Culture

I don't watch a lot of television programs. But I do probably watch too much TV.

How can this be? I only watch a handful of TV programs............but when I'm the one with the remote in my hand..........I watch movies.

This is a genetic trait. I grew up with movie obsessed parents. As much as I watch movies, I'm sure I could never watch as many movies as they have seen. But I have this weird habit of watching the same movies over and over again. For a variety of reasons.

Some I watch for a specific moment, some for the cinematography, some for the soundtrack, some for the dialogue, some for an actress or actor that I particularly like.

If there's a movie that I've never seen, and I want to see it, I won't watch it unless I can see it from the beginning. But if it's a movie I love I'll just jump in anywhere and fall back into rhythm of the movie.

So here follows the first of many posts about movies I always watch if they're on the guide, because I can't help myself. Hard to know where to start, so I'll begin with specific actors.

Let's talk Val Kilmer.

Tonight "The Doors" was on Palladia channel. (It's a HD music channel). Their music became popular when I was too young to understand, but over the years I have grown to love their music. The movie is a clear example of the way Val Kilmer DISAPPEARS into a role. Sure he had a head start because he resembles Jim Morrison.......but once you're a few minutes into this movie you forget that he ISN'T Jim Morrison. Oliver Stone (I know, I know........) did amazing things with this movie and the cast is full of people in small roles adding layers to the movie that amaze me. The story of Jim Morrison and The Doors rise to fame is completely on the mark to anyone who's spent any time in the music industry. The drugs, decedance, and excesses of the Sixties is well potrayed. This ain't a movie for the kiddies. The entire thing seems like an extended MTV music video. But better. The Ed Sullivan show appearance in the movie just kills me everytime I see it. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

I love it. I own it on DVD........I find it compelling, tranfixxing........and in the end disturbing..............

What would have happened had Jim not died? How did Val go this far into the role?

What a movie!!!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Guilty Summer Pleasures

Oh, for the days of summer vacation. Day after day with nothing to do but figure out what kind of fun you're going to have.

I grew up in a neighborhood jammed packed full of families with kids. We were just a few feet from a playground (a really good one), swimming pool, clubhouse, and a basketball court. Summer was filled with games of Marco Polo in the pool, Red Light Green Light, Red Rover, Swing The Statue, and a goofy game I think some kid made up, called Fernando's Hideaway. We rode our bikes through the fields down to a pond everyone called Augie's. We caught crawdads and put them in used Cool Whip containers in the backyard till they died and started to smell.

We swam till our skin wrinkled, stayed out till it got too dark to see, and hung out with friends everyday. When I was sure my parents weren't watching out the window, I rode on the back of Kevin Brassfield's Honda Mini-Bike. We thought it was really cool to walk up to the Kmart and eat at the lunch counter. We ordered french fries and poured our own drinks at the fountain. At Kmart we also bought 45's (my collection included both Donny Osmond AND Deep Purple). You could get the latest Tiger Beat and 16 Magazine too........Before we left we bought those pistachios that were dyed bright red, from the spinning, heated nut counter.

Life was good.

They say that youth is wasted on the young, but I actually think I had more than an inkling that life would not always be this way......I loved going back to school in the fall, but I knew summer was a special time.....that would never, ever be the same when you were an adult.

Fast forward several decades and summer just ain't what it used to be.......

So I look out for some silly, childish distractions.

My guilty pleasures:

Big Brother - Yep, watch this ridiculous show every summer. I like the senseless fun of watching a group of people go stir crazy locked in a house together........After the first episode tonight, my guess for Saboteur......Swim Coach Dude. Three nights a week, I'm watching BB,.........voyeurism at it's best.

Ice Cream - Not a big fan of desserts in general, but I love ice cream. DQ, Baskin Robbins......I'm there. In our neighborhood, the Ice Cream Truck comes through every Saturday and Sunday. Still feel silly running out there, so I listen to the music and watch him from the window.

Watermelon - These days you can get it year round, but as a kid it was a summer only treat. Could eat it every meal, every day.

Convertible/Rock N Roll - Top down on my blaring. Summer is all about music. One of the best summer songs recently..........the oddly compelling Kid Rock hit it out of the park with "All Summer Long". "Smooth" by Santana should be officially sanctioned as the anthem for summer.

Taking A Break - Junk drawer needs cleaning out? Not gonna happen. Basement needs reorganizing? No way. In general, if it doesn't involve dirt and landscaping, extra projects just aren't going to happen. The trick to this guilty pleasure is to actually not feel guilty. There will be cold blustery days to come when you can't sit outside and watch the butterflies flutter by. a kid. Eat some ice cream, crank the tunes, let the wind blow your hair around.

Play, enjoy, and day dream some days away.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

New Find From Last FM - Peter Cincotti

New artist (to me anyway). Great song. Great voice.

LastFM is just a great way to find new music.


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