Latest Celebrity Sighting

My regular readers may remember that I have some strange dreams. Don't always post about them all, because I have so many.

But the celebrity cameos are always amusing.

I recently dreamed that I was on my way to Paris with a group of friends. One of those friends happened to be Liam Neeson. This was a first appearance for Mr. Neeson in my dreams. So nice of him to stop by.

We landed in Paris at night and went straight to check into our hotel. Then we decided to go out for dinner. (We're in Paris right?) So we found a great African restaurant (????) where they were serving some sort of braised beef ribs. There was a lot of noise coming from a back room. I got up to investigate and found Shirley MacLaine hosting a dinner. So good to see her, you know?

I have NO idea why my subconcious strings things together like this, but it's good for a laugh. This one wasn't as fun as the one a few weeks back...........where I was having dinner with John Elway, and we ran into Robert De Niro. I literally woke up laughing.

I do have people I actually know in my dreams...........some more than others but those dreams are not as funny.....

Now you know.


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