71 Degrees

After extensive research I have determined that the perfect temperature for riding around with the top down on your convertible is 71 degrees.

Not too hot..........not too cool.

Please realize that these research results are only accurate if you are At Altitude, and if there is sun, with no cloud cover. And I think you have to be a Colorado native, acclimated to the atmospheric conditions locally.

You can have the top down at lower temperatures, even down to 55, if you put the windows up, and turn the heat on. However then.......... you look like a goof.......

When the temperature is over 88, this can still be quite comfortable, unless you're in a traffic jam on I-25, sitting still, and you're dressed for the office. But if you're moving along, 88 is okay, or even hotter...........it's all about air flow.

All of the above is amplified with the appropriate music choice, loud of course, because the top is down, and you have to crank it up.

You're welcome.

Just trying to pass along helpful tips.

One more.............it's not nearly as impractical to purchase a convertible if you live in Colorado as I had originally thought. Seven out of twelve months I have had at least a few days with top down.

Always wanted one.............

Love my convertible.

PS, you can't be one of those girly girls who don't like it when your hair gets blown around....me, I love it.


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