TV Show Update

There are a handful of TV shows I watch regularly.  Haven't blogged about any of them for a while.

So here's a recap.
  • Dancing with the Stars.  This season, for some reason, there's not really someone who I'm rooting for.  Last season I was pulling for Donnie Osmond and was thrilled that he won.  I think this season I still enjoy watching the dancing...........but don't really care who wins the competition.  Still watching, but lets get some more interesting competitors next season.  More Maks all the time!
  • Survivor - Heroes and Villains. Russell was clearly the best player on last season and deserved to win.  This season not so much.  I'm clearly rooting for Rupert............but I doubt he'll win.  Nice guys always finish last, right?
  • The Closer.  Always miss it.  Best show on TV.  Back in June I hear.  As Brenda Lee would say..."Thank you so much."
  • Lost.  Okay so they killed off a bunch of people this week. Only a few left.  Still don't know if time split.............if it did they all end up meeting each other anyway.  Kind of sounds like Calvinism to me. So we know Smoke Monster is evil and is only held in check by a good person holding him on the island.  To sum things up............I'm still Lost.  I fear I will have to watch the whole thing from the beginning, just to understand.  This time I will make The Husband watch with me.


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