Springtime in the Rockies

Yes its Still Winter Spring here At Altitude.

Apparently, buying new, comfy patio furniture is the karmic equivalent of washing your car.

Still snowing around here and it's mid-May.  We've had a few decent days here and there but overall, spring has creeped in slowly, painfully slow, this year. 

As much as I love the snow, I'm done with it for now.  They are calling for a warm up starting for tomorrow.  Maybe a warm weekend to come.

Did have some great bird sightings this last weekend, as we sat by the chiminea shivering under blankets.  Bluebirds buzzing around, and a quick flyby by a hummingbird.  One morning I heard a call I didn't recognize and looked out the bedroom window to see some Tree Swallows checking out one of the birdhouses.  That was a first time viewing and they are really striking the in the morning light.

Hoping that the recent snow has left the plants intact.  Tomorrow's thaw will tell.


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