Paw Bender - A Great Idea

Out west here there’s a regional fast food chain called Good Times. They have quality burger, chicken sandwiches and a bevy of frozen custard. One of their custard creations is called the spoon bender, similar, I guess to a DQ blizzard………..only better.
I occasionally swing through for a chicken sandwich at lunch time, which I did yesterday, since it's close to my office, and I had Miss Bessy with me for her weekly day at the office.

As I pulled into the drive through I saw this sign at the speaker.

$1.00? One buck? I can spoil my dog with a frosty treat for a buck? I’m in!!  And the guy at the window said they’re selling like crazy.

I love, clever creative marketing, and I sent Good Times an email telling them so.

Here’s the cup.


Bessy, thinking she has the best owner in the world. A blurry picture, because she was going nuts.

Good Times made me and my Bessy happy.


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