Emma - Chick Voice Reads the Classics

Never read Jane Austen.

All that bad 70's education.

When I got a Kindle for my birthday last year I was amazed to find out that many of the classics are ridiculously cheap.  SIX Jane Austen novels were $1.

Not $1 per novel.  $1 for ALL six.

So now I'm living in Jane Austen land.  I thought Emma was a great read.  I will admit that having seen the movie version staring Gwyneth Paltrow, made reading the novel easier.  Easy to put a face to each character.   The glaring problem of the movie was the terrible casting of Alan Cumming as Mr. Elton.  WAY off the mark. It worked for the movie, but after having read the novel, I felt the character in the book was not the character in the novel.

So to sum up, I'm enthused to read more Austen.  If the first novel was this good, I'm excited to read the more well known titles.


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