Thursday, January 07, 2010

Why I Love Colorado

Today was one of those days when I realize how deep the roots in me run into my beloved state, Colorado.

Yesterday was grey and cold.............foggy in the morning, snowing by noon.  The temps dropped overnight.  My car thermometer said 4 degrees when I headed to work this morning.

But the sun was out.............not a cloud in sight.  Everything was covered in a blanket of powder someone had scattered glitter everywhere.  Yes, it was freezing cold all day and the snow made that squeaky sound when you walked.  But somehow with all the didn't seem so cold.

 I know...............the traffic was terrible and made most of us late to work.  I don't work outdoors like many do..........I sit in a warm office and drive a car with a good heater...........

When March comes I will grow weary of the cold, and long for the gentle warm spring and the hot summer evenings.

But to me.........the best part of my native state, is the contrasts and changes.  Today was a crisp, clear, freezing January morning.  The foothills covered with a white blanket, rugged peaks in the distance.

I smiled all the way to work.


Gradual Dazzle said...

I can totally see your point, beauty-wise... there's no place more beautiful than Colorado on a brilliant winter day... and if the cold didn't cause me literal physical pain, I'd love winter. I used to tolerate cold without a problem, but my body's changes have left me bereft of personal heat. LOL

The Chick Voice said...

But you look amazing!!! I'm the one who commented on your top and turquoise. You look like a 20 year old!!


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