State of the Union


I ALWAYS watch.  Whoever is in the big White House, I watch.  Watching is more bearable when you hang out with Steve Green at

So off I go.


Most disturbing camera shot of the night.

Al Franken with the Joint Chiefs.

How arrogant is this guy moment?

Calling out the Supreme Court, in front of them, on National TV.

Ongoing Visual Disturbance of the night.

The Dems stand and applaud, the Pubs stand and applaud.  Pander to the left, pander to the right.  It made me sea sick.

Biggest (Really?) Disappointment of the Night.

The Republican response.  *sighs*.  What's with the practice/pretend State of Union set?  Can we just get the dude sitting in a chair thing?  At least it's over applause.


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