Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Double Elimination

Would sure be nice if the couples eliminated were actually the worst two. But with a double elimination, I fear we will see people go home that deserve to stay.

People vote for who they like, not on dance ability.

What a great thing to see Hot French Dude and Cheryl do their smokin hot Argentine Tango. A thing of beauty..........in every way.

Fortunately, this go round the three couples in the bottom, are actually the three worst dancer IMHO. So for the dance purists, we win not matter which way it goes.


Giggle Chick.............and..........Apple Dude........

Friday, March 27, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies (6200 Feet to Be Exact)

Yes, boys and girls..........it is springtime in the Rockies. And what does that mean?


Last Sunday it was in the upper seventies. We pulled out the cushions for the patio furniture, and stoked up a fire of pinon wood in the chiminea.

The birds were fluttering around, and I poked around in the garden, looking for signs of life. The columbines, always the first to poke through, were making a valiant effort. Honeysuckle had some tough little leaves bursting out, and the peonies I planted last year are putting up some red foliage. It was a beautiful, warm spring day, and we slept with the window cracked open in the bedroom all night.

But all along, I had a strong sense that it was just a fleeting moment.

You see, the TURTLENECKS are on the move.

It's kind of a tradition for this Colorado native. I'm big into turtlenecks, and I wear them all fall and winter long. But then my neck starts to feel suffocated and confined, and it needs to breathe. So gradually, as the TURTLENECKS come out of the laundry, they congregate.

Then they start to make a plan to get away. Sometimes they jump into a plastic tub, and call it quits for the year. But this year......... we have had an extremely mild winter. Which probably seems great to the Colorado Poser Residents.

But to the hardcore Colorado, snow loving natives, it's been a scary winter. Mostly, because we are missing................WATER. No snow, no water.

So THANK GOD..........the TURTLENECKS, made a break for it, and were recently seen sitting in a pile on the guest bed.


Spring Snow Storm. Full on, rock star, blizzard warning and the whole thing........

When I left for work on Thursday morning, my house looked like this.......

This morning however, when I looked out my dining room window.............

hooray!!!! Spring snow. We need this moisture so, so much.

And true to form.....

By lunchtime, the roads were clear, melting, melting everywhere.....and underneath....is green spring.

Until it snows again on Monday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Snow In Denver

Ahhhh.............springtime in the Rockies.............

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dancing With The Stars Results

Overall, pretty happy with the results.........

Denise Richards is gone. Which means more time now for Maksim to do the professional dances on the show.

She's not a good dancer, but she's clearly better than at least 3 other people saved. Apple Dude, Giggle Chick (Dmitry Chaplin) and Steve O.

Apple Dude is clearly entertaining, and obviously gets lots of fan votes. LOTS AND LOTS of fan votes to make up for the TEN score he got.

Anyway we bid Ms. Richards a fond farewell. Bring on more Maksim.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dancing With the Stars March 23rd

So neither The Husband or I were that impressed with this season's celebrity lineup. But now things are starting to get intersting.

Clearly the front runners are:

Tiny Shawn. Has she got some shoulders on her or what?

Hot French Dude. Oh la la. Do we think Cheryl (my fave) is having some fun this season?

Dumped Chick (Melissa) who I don't think was nearly as good as the other couples who got the same score.

While we watch the show together, The Husband and I, he channels Len Goodman, always saying the same things, right before Len says them.

I usually channel Bruno, who called David Allen Grier "Ben Vereen" right after I said it. David by the way, did much better tonight..........but he always seems just a half step off the beat. I think he can dance......he just seems too nervous.

Cowboy is greatly improved......and I am know to the like cowboys. :) I married one.

Best part of tonight's show was the announcement that Hall and Oates will perform tomorrow night. The Husband is psyched.

Ahh, eighties pop...........the dark decade..............

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Larry Norman, The Grammy's & Me Part 4

UPDATE See Below

In the fall of 1981, October 17th to be exact, Larry Norman came to Denver to do a concert.

I remember the exact date because years later, someone in the industry gave me a T-shirt sold that night. It's one of my treasured possessions.

Even without the T-shirt, I could never forget that night. The concert was held at the Paramount Theater in downtown Denver, a restored old movie house. It was a big deal for kids from the burbs to go to downtown Denver, and that night I headed down with a small group of kids from my youth group. I don't know who was more excited, me or the kids. I'd been pushing Larry's music with them ever since I started (at age 18) to work with junior highers. Cassettes were the technology of the day, and the Larry's trilogy albums seemed to be playing continuously from the boom boxes of my kids everywhere we went. "In Another Land" was particularly popular with them. Even I got tired of hearing it on one choir trip to Texas. So the kids I took that night were geared up.

Larry was in fine form that night, and all my kids were seeing him for the first time. He made us laugh, and he made us cry. He sang every song we had hoped for, and some we hadn't expected. The audience was transfixed. I was stunned to find out years later that the concert had been recorded, and was released in 1983 as "Come As A Child". I have the vinyl I found on ebay, and at some point in the past I found it on CD from Larry's website.

For anyone reading this that may have the recording, it's Barry McGuire who introduces Larry. Our group ran into him in the line outside the Paramount that night. Barry was a regular musical guest at our church, and I had spent some Sunday afternoons hanging out with him as a kid.

It was an amazing night..........my kids were literally "rocked". One young man insisted that he wanted to talk to Larry after the concert. There were hundreds of others who wanted the same thing. So we waited, and waited............Larry stayed and talked to every last person who wanted to meet him. I was blown away by that. I never asked that young man what they talked about......though I could see them talking for a long time. Whatever Larry said, that kid was changed.

This is a pattern that repeated itself......Larry making music that changed lives,me pushing it on unsuspecting teenagers, who still listen to it today. But most important to the heart of a youth pastor, Larry took time for my kids.........

Even later when I began to hear negative stories about him........I couldn't make those things line up. Does one cancel out the other?


Monday, March 09, 2009

Season Opener Dancing With The Stars

Wasn't excited about this season's cast..........but it will be fun to watch none the less.

Two people out due to injuries before the first show aired. Jewell and the TV Host chick who I have no idea who she is.

David Allen Grier was a surprise and I think the judges robbed him on the scores. His partner Kim apparently has no sense of humor.

Last minute substitution for TV Host Chick is Dumped Chick from the bachelor, Melissa Rycroft. She did quite well but is it fair for the to get the sympathy vote? And, oh by the way, she was a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Little too much dance background to seem fair........

Steve Wozniak..........well there are no words.

High points of the night.........Gilles Marini.......this French Dude gives Maxim a run for his money. Guess he was in the Sex in the City movie......(haven't seen it).
He's got good natural rhythm. And he's easy on the eyes.

Then there's Shawn Johnson, or as Tracey calls her.........the beefy peach. She's good, really good, when she's not giggling. But then, she's 17.

Well, should be fun season whatever happens.

Oh, I almost forgot...........Denise Richards...........can't dance.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fallen Angel - The Outlaw Larry Norman Movie Review

Found this review online of the San Jose screening of the movie about Larry Norman.

Fallen Angel

The fact that Randy Stonehill attended is meaningful to me, as I think Randy is a good man, who obviously knew Larry quite well.

If you per chance have seen the movie, by all means leave a comment or drop me an email and let me know.

Dancing with the Stars Countdown

Six days to go until our next dose of Dancing With the Stars. Feeling a little let down by the celebrity selection this go round. Other seasons it always seemed like there was someone (or two) that I was really looking forward to see. This time.........ehhh.

But I'm sure once we get going again, it will be great.

THANK GOODNESS The Husband likes it as much as I do. (I'm secretly drugging him). Oh and by the way. He's been and will be for a while on a day shift, so he's home with me all the time in the evening.

So let the dancing begin!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson and their Achy Breaky Hearts

I think I have been so buried in work related things that my night time dreaming has been limited to the same.

No fun, bizarre celebrity appearances in months. (That I remember). But I woke up with a good one fresh on the brain this morning. I was in the back of a box truck, hanging on to the bumper, as it drove down the road. Near me in the back was Bill Clinton, sitting in a chair having an argument with Jesse Jackson. I was not taking a part, as I was concerned about falling out the back of the truck.

We made a stop, to pick up Billy Ray Cirrus, who was catching a plane to China. He seemed depressed.

Probably about being cast into a bit part in my dream.


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