Friday, March 27, 2009

Springtime in the Rockies (6200 Feet to Be Exact)

Yes, boys and is springtime in the Rockies. And what does that mean?


Last Sunday it was in the upper seventies. We pulled out the cushions for the patio furniture, and stoked up a fire of pinon wood in the chiminea.

The birds were fluttering around, and I poked around in the garden, looking for signs of life. The columbines, always the first to poke through, were making a valiant effort. Honeysuckle had some tough little leaves bursting out, and the peonies I planted last year are putting up some red foliage. It was a beautiful, warm spring day, and we slept with the window cracked open in the bedroom all night.

But all along, I had a strong sense that it was just a fleeting moment.

You see, the TURTLENECKS are on the move.

It's kind of a tradition for this Colorado native. I'm big into turtlenecks, and I wear them all fall and winter long. But then my neck starts to feel suffocated and confined, and it needs to breathe. So gradually, as the TURTLENECKS come out of the laundry, they congregate.

Then they start to make a plan to get away. Sometimes they jump into a plastic tub, and call it quits for the year. But this year......... we have had an extremely mild winter. Which probably seems great to the Colorado Poser Residents.

But to the hardcore Colorado, snow loving natives, it's been a scary winter. Mostly, because we are missing................WATER. No snow, no water.

So THANK GOD..........the TURTLENECKS, made a break for it, and were recently seen sitting in a pile on the guest bed.


Spring Snow Storm. Full on, rock star, blizzard warning and the whole thing........

When I left for work on Thursday morning, my house looked like this.......

This morning however, when I looked out my dining room window.............

hooray!!!! Spring snow. We need this moisture so, so much.

And true to form.....

By lunchtime, the roads were clear, melting, melting everywhere.....and green spring.

Until it snows again on Monday.

1 comment:

Gradual Dazzle said...

LOL! I'm a turtleneck chick, too, now. This past winter I think I wore a turtleneck every single day, along with long underwear. I've since ditched the longhandles, but I'm back to turtlenecks again because of the recent chill-down.


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