Dancing With the Stars March 23rd

So neither The Husband or I were that impressed with this season's celebrity lineup. But now things are starting to get intersting.

Clearly the front runners are:

Tiny Shawn. Has she got some shoulders on her or what?

Hot French Dude. Oh la la. Do we think Cheryl (my fave) is having some fun this season?

Dumped Chick (Melissa) who I don't think was nearly as good as the other couples who got the same score.

While we watch the show together, The Husband and I, he channels Len Goodman, always saying the same things, right before Len says them.

I usually channel Bruno, who called David Allen Grier "Ben Vereen" right after I said it. David by the way, did much better tonight..........but he always seems just a half step off the beat. I think he can dance......he just seems too nervous.

Cowboy is greatly improved......and I am know to the like cowboys. :) I married one.

Best part of tonight's show was the announcement that Hall and Oates will perform tomorrow night. The Husband is psyched.

Ahh, eighties pop...........the dark decade..............


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