Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 In My Rear View Mirror

This time last year our house was filled with friends and kids and as I remember the decibel level was off the charts.

Now it's just me, The Husband, and Miss Bessie watching TV in the loft.  We did have a dinner at a neighbors tonight after both of us worked all day. But it was one of those couples with toddlers or babies on the way gatherings.............and you can only take so much conversation about diaper brands.

The Husband will head to work in the it's off to sleep soon.  Or more accurately, he will go to sleep and I will listen to Dick Clark at low volume.

Currently, he's watching the Three Stooges................what is it about men liking them????   OMG ............AMC channel is a Stooges marathon.  Get me a sleeping pill right now!!!!  I hate the Stooges.  They ARE NOT FUNNY.  Ya I know, it's a male/female thing.

I think that all over the world, there are people having glamorous, fabulous New Year's Eve celebrations.  It's a new decade soon..............and I'm perfectly content to spend this night it my very own house, in the best state in the Union, in the best country in the world, with my wonderful The Husband.

But I do miss the ScooterGirl and The Marine.....................

So Cheers and Happy New Year to family, friends and all those who stop by my little blog from time to time. 

God Bless and may 2010 be full of love and peace joy.

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