2009 Christmas Candy Giveaway

On a whim last year, full of Christmas Spirit, I handed the Starbucks drive-through-guy a few pieces of candy from a bag I had bought for the office.

He was so happy and appreciative, it got me to thinking.

So I bought an extra bag, put it in my car and always made sure I had a few in my pocket and starting handing them out.

So Monday began the 2009 campaign.  Last year was such fun so I decided to stick with the same candy.....................

It's amazing how such a simple gesture brings such surprise, happiness and joy to people.  Had a business meeting at a local Starbucks this afternoon and the Barista told me it was the first Merry Christmas anyone had said to him..............and when he saw the candy.......he said, "Wow!  I remember these from when I was a kid".

Grab a bag.................hand them out................you'll see what I mean.


Anonymous said…
It's funny how you hand the candy out at Christmas. Steve and I do something similar, but all year long. We got tired of the employees of Walmart and some grocery stores cashiers not greeting or even speaking to us. So we decided to buy a candy bar and if they were pleasant they would get the candy bar. When they did earn the candy they were so pleased that someone even noticed that they worked there, it made their day at least at that moment. We finally hit the same lady twice (not knowing this) she did earn another candy bar - she said I remember you, you gave me one about a month ago. The best part was knowing that she was still pleasant even after our second visit. Another thing we do is if the customer in front of us is giving the cashier a hard time we always give them a candy bar to perk up their spirits, it at least makes them smile.

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