Dancing With the Stars - Update - Gossip

I haven't posted each week about the Dancing With the Stars shows.  For some reason, overall, this season seems less interesting than previous seasons.  Still watching every week around here.

It seems highly likely that Mya will win if it came down to sheer dancing abilities, but that's not what it comes down to each season.

On the like ability level, I can't help but favor Donnie Osmond, who was in all those Tiger Beat magazines I read at age 11.  Though I was a Bobby Sherman girl myself, I remember clipping a few pages with pictures of Donnie and adding them to the wall that Mom let me hang such things on.  He is by far the best entertainer and as a fellow over "50-er" I can't imagine how he keeps this pace up.  Let's hear it for squeaky clean types, GO DONNIE!

The surprise of the season as far as I'm concerned is Kelly Osbourne.  Since you don't choose who your parents are, she had a tough go of it since day one, being the daughter of the Prince of Darkness and all.  With their reality show, all of America got to witness first hand the mayhem that was the The Osbournes.  The former youth pastor in me, wants to believe this has been good experience for Kelly to be on the show, and when she lets go, she does surprisingly well.  I loved it when she danced to her Dad's song.

On the celebrities I could care less about front, it's a big tie between Could I Be Less Likeable Aaron Carter, and Joanna Who Is This Chick Krupa.  Clearly the only thing saving these two are their partners and maybe Joanna's outfits.  By the way.................WHO is she?

Anyway, now it gets interesting................


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