Pepper Peeling Day

You know it's really fall at Casa Rancho when it's pepper peeling day.

Today was that day.

A bushel of fresh Anaheim peppers, grown up in Brighton got peeled and packed into freezer bags.

A bushel makes about 30 bags of 6-8 peppers a piece.

We saved out some for tonight's meal.

These will become Chile Rellenos.  I put a small slit near the stem, clean the seeds out, and fill with jack cheese cut in strips...............

If they split to much, I add toothpicks to hold them together.  Then I pop the pan in the freezer.  After a few hours, the are frozen solid and easier to handle.

After dipping in a egg bath, they go into the skillet.

Today was a great treat because The Husband whipped up a batch of pork green chili, with the last of the peppers from last year.

A little sour cream on top............Really good stuff.  We had a nice meal and fed the neighbors as well!

If you're coming to Casa Rancho..............let me know...........I'll whip you up a batch!


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