Pagan Christianity Review (Finally)

Well, well well. I realize everyone else read this book several years ago. Frank Viola doesn't just upset the apple cart, he chops the cart into kindling and makes applesauce with the apples. Being the closet Heretic I am, I have to say I think he's on the money. THERE! I said it.  This book reinforced so many issues I uncovered nearly 20 years ago, while on staff at a large church.  I finished it this week and handed it off to a dear friend to read just yesterday.  On to more of his books................


Unknown said…
Welcome to Heresy... I'm totally with you! I have loved everything I've read from Viola.

If there were any way we could do home-church right now, we'd probably be doing it. The next best thing has been the church next door; the people aren't too fussy and it's very unassuming. It's not of the "stripe" I grew up in, but I quit caring about that a long time ago too.

I wish that a few of us who are spread out over the country (you, me, SarahK, tracey, etc) could "have church" together regularly. Yanno?
The Chick Voice said…
G-Dazz, I am the daughter of a heretic. All the churches around us are eNORmous. Can't do it.

there are a lot of us burned out, looking for something better types.
Wish I could figure it all out!

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